Find the description of the terms that is being used in SBOBET site.

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Dashing Derby
A virtual horse racing betting game offered in SBOBET Games. Players can bet on the outcome of instant horse races.
Dead Heat
A dead heat occurs when two or more competitors finish a sporting event with an identical place or classification.
Debit Card
SBOBET has an extensive network of payment solutions which accept all major Debit Cards. As certain payment methods only support limited currencies, the list of payment methods available therefore depends on the currency of your SBOBET account.
Default Page
The default odds display page is displayed each time you sign in to your SBOBET account. You can choose to set the Today or 1X2 & DC page as your default page.
Default Stake
When enabled, the default stake feature allows the system to input your last entered stake as the default stake each time you open a new bet ticket. Your default stake is reset each time you sign out of your SBOBET account.
Deposit Limit
When enabled, the deposit limit feature allows you to restrict the maximum value of deposits you can make to your SBOBET account for a certain period of time. You may set the daily maximum deposit limit, or set the maximum deposit limit for periods of 7 or 30 days.
Display Time
You can select the display time for your SBOBET account to GMT +8 or your computer time.
Double Chance
A bet type in SBOBET Sports. Double Chance (DC) is similar to 1X2 bets except that you are able to bet on two out three possible outcomes by selecting the following options: a Home Win or Away Win; a Draw or Away Win; or a Draw or Home Win. If one of the two possible outcomes is achieved, the bet is won. If a match is played on neutral ground, the team listed first on the website is deemed to be the home team for betting purposes.
Double Line
A double-line style of the odds display panel in SBOBET Sports.
Doubleup Ducks
A duck shooter themed slot game offered in SBOBET Games, with free spin and prize pick opportunities.
Dr Jekyll’s Keno
Dr Jekyll’s Keno is a numbers game with a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde story theme offered in SBOBET Games.
A draw occurs when competitors in an event finish evenly; ends in a tie.