What is Next Goal betting?

Next Goal is a form of live betting where you are predicting the team to score the next goal in a match.

Double the excitement because next goal can happen anytime throughout the match! Odds prices are dynamic with live betting and change in accordance to the course of the actual event. Learn the basics and bet on Next Goal with SBOBET!

•    Own goals are counted in favor of the team credited with the goal.
•    The bet slip will be shown as draw when there is no new goal.
•    Bets will be refunded if the match is abandoned unless the result has been unconditionally determined.

For example, in the event that West Ham is playing against Manchester United with a current score of 1-1.
If you predict the next goal will be scored by West Ham, you can place a Next Goal bet on West Ham. You will win if the third goal is scored by West Ham with a score of 2-1.