Live Casino Betting Rules

Gaming Rules


The following product-specific rules (the " Gaming Rules ") govern the end user's (the " Player ", " you " or " your ") use of all the Operator's (or SBOBET Casino's) interactive casino products and services (the " Live Casino Games ") available at (the " Website "). They form part of the Operator's General Terms and Conditions, which apply to all the interactive and wagering products and services the Operator offers to individuals who register for or are holders of a betting account with the Operator. To the extent there is any inconsistency between the Terms and Conditions and any of these Gaming Rules, the Terms and Conditions shall prevail.


1. Liability

The Player shall have no cause of action and hereby waives any rights or claims against the software developer of the Live Casino Games for any matter, cause or thing involving the Player's participation in the Live Casino Games or otherwise.

2. Play for Fun

The Player agrees that the Live Casino Games are for entertainment value only. The Player understands and acknowledges that no monetary bet is necessary or required to play the Live Casino Games. If the Player wishes to play without betting money, they may do so in the " demo play " area only.

3. Personal Use Only

The Player's interest in the Casino and the Website is personal and not professional. A Player entering the Website does so solely for their own personal entertainment and any other entrance, access, use or re-use of the Live Casino Games is strictly prohibited.

4. Malfunctions

Unless otherwise specified, below (e.g. with certain live games) malfunctions of any sort (software or hardware) will void play. This means that any stake placed will be returned irrespective of any indicative result.

5. Smart Player and Artificial Intelligence

SBOBET Casino reserves the right to reject SMART players or any suspected SMART players and Card Counters. Any activities using artificial intelligence called bots are strictly prohibited. Any attempt to breach or violate this policy will result in suspension and exclusion of the Player's Account. All winnings and commissions will be forfeited.

6. Complaints for Live Gaming

If a Player wishes to make a complaint or dispute a Live Casino Game result, they must provide the Operator with their user ID the time of playing, the dealer's name, the Table ID and Round ID at the time of contacting the Operator. Failure to do so may result in the complaint being unable to be addressed by the Operator. Video images of Live Casino Games is kept for 24 hours and therefore Players must address their complaint within 24 hours of the dispute occurring. Any complaints submitted after 24 hours will be rejected by the Operator due to the absence of video evidence.

In case of any dispute, the Player acknowledges and agrees that the Operator's decision is final and official.

7. Maximum Win

There is no maximum gross win in any day. Maximum Win in a round is 200,000 SGD or equivalent to the player's currency.

8. Live Casino Games

For Live Casino Games, valid results on the Live Casino Games are those results which are detected by the electronic sensor equipment installed for that purpose. If for any reason a result is not detected and registered by the electronic sensors, then that result is deemed to have not occurred, and any bets locked will remain locked until a valid result is determined.

Specific rules on any malfunction in Live Casino Games are included in the specific Live Casino Games rules below. Please left-click on the names of any of the Live Casino Games to see the specific rules for that Live Casino Game:


The Operator reserves the right to change any of these rules at any time in accordance with the Terms & Conditions.